Sewing Furniture

HORN Collection GmbH has specialised in functional sewing and ironing furniture for decades.

HORN’s functional, ergonomic sewing furniture, manufactured out of environmentally compatible materials, fulfils the highest of quality standards.

The key element of this furniture is the 3-step-lift system developed by the company Häusser. Suitable for all domestic sewing machines, the 3-step-lift system ensures that the sewing machine is always in just the right position.

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Three-step-lift system

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horn_kl.gif (165 Byte) The Compact Sewing Centre (model 1035/1033)
horn_kl.gif (165 Byte) The spacious Sewing Centre (model 1065/1062)
horn_kl.gif (165 Byte) The DUO-Sewing Centre (model 1067/1068)
horn_kl.gif (165 Byte) Universal "MINI" (model 1010/1011)
horn_kl.gif (165 Byte) Sewing Furniture